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In My Own Little Corner

Creative Team: Welcome

Creative Team


Playwright & Performer
Carly Neis



The Sterling-winning play, In My Own Little Corner was developed with support from Common Ground Arts Society via the RISER program. 

RISER Edmonton is a collaborative producing model for theatre and interdisciplinary artists to create and present new work.  RISER Edmonton connects senior leadership from the performing arts community with underserved artists to maximize existing infrastructures, share resources and risk, help build new audiences, and support a commitment to create and innovate. 

The show made its debut in February 2023 at the Backstage Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta.  We'd love to bring this show to a theatre near you!


Carly wrote this show as one last thank-you gift to her best friend, who passed away from cancer in 2021.  A friend who was her ride-or-die collaborator in the theatre realm.  It's not very often that Carly meets someone who doesn't let "no" be the end of a sentence.   He was to witness the push and pull of life as a disabled human, as a best friend and confidant, and sometimes even as a caregiver,  What happens when roles shift?


"But at the end of the day, when you find your person, you’ll make it work!  Why? Because you’ll know that something about how that other person operates is exactly what you need"

This show is about what trust truly means.  It is aimed at an audience full of caregivers and caretakers.

Photo by Brianne Jang - BB Collective


Carly Neis Performer/Playwright
Sarah J. Culkin Director
Daniel Belland Music Director/Arranger/Chart Writing
Kristi Hansen Dramaturg/Producing Mentor

Rory Turner Lighting Designer
Lindsey Walker Sound Designer
Even Gilchrist Set/Costume Designer

Rebecca Cypher Set/Costume Design Assistant
Emily Faith Randall Stage Manager
D’orjay Jackson, Vance Avery Voice Actors


Interactive Media by Moment Discovery

Will Bauer Founder & Director
Pamela Anthony Director of Research and Operator
Conroy Badger Lead Engineer
Shannon Sears Chief Financial Officer
Kristi Hansen Engagement, Content Development
Mel Geary Production Developer
Jonah Badger Software Programmer and Operator
Meg Desjardins Market Research and Development Associate

Kat Evans RISER Edmonton Production Manager
Simon Wicks Lighting Operator
Kris Sinding Sound Operator
Ophira Calof Accessibility Consultant & Disability Dramaturg
D’orjay Jackson Personal Support Worker
Andrea Konowalec & Robyn Lavender ASL Interpreters
Carly Neis Producer
Lindy Mullen Associate Producer


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