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Tune to A 


Ava, the central character, is a 13-year-old with cerebral palsy and a love of music. After a series of attempting to play several instruments, Ava's contribution to the class is dismissed by her band teacher. With the encouragement of an ally, Jordan, and the confidence to use her voice, Ava's true talent is revealed at a time when it counts most. We want this play to inspire audiences to think beyond trying to fit differently abled bodies into our molds, and instead be open to creating new molds.

Creative Team: Welcome

Creative Team

Carly Neis


Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks

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Cameron Kneteman

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Thanks to support from the Canada Council, TUNE TO A had it’s first workshop in January 2020 with Blarney Productions. In June 2020 TUNE TO A joined Bad Hats Theatre as part of their New Bad Ideas initiative, a yearly development stream that helps foster new works for young audiences.

In July 2021, TUNE TO A did a full 2 week workshop in preparation for a 2022 production with the focus on sound and staging (with continued support from the Canada Council and Edmonton Arts Council). 


March 2022 Tune to A had its premiere at Expanse Festival presented by Azimuth Theatre!

Photo by Janice Saxon Photography

Carly Neis ~ Co-Creator & Actor
Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks ~ Co-Creator & Asst. Producer
Cameron Kneteman ~ Co-Creator

Patricia Cerra ~ Director
Mac Brock ~ Producer
Kristi Hansen ~ Development Mentor


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